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17 Things You Absolutely Need In Your Bathroom

There are some things that you’ll find in pretty much any full bathroom. There’s always going to be a toilet, sink, shower, and often a tub. With that said, there are a lot of other things you absolutely need to create the best bathroom experience ever.
Below are the top 17 things that you absolutely need to take your bathroom experience to the next level!

High-Quality Bidet

A lot of people are stuck in the cycle of buying toilet paper in bulk, using a ton of it, flushing it down, and buying more. This is understandable-most people are used to using toilet paper. With that said, there is an alternative that can actually save you a ton of money in the long run and is much more efficient-a high-quality bidet toilet seat.

Bidets use water to clean your rear effectively. Instead of spreading stuff around like toilet paper does, a bidet toilet seat is able to completely wash away what’s left over after using the toilet. It is also a much better option for those with sensitive skin.

Toothbrush Holder

If you aren’t already using a toothbrush holder, you really should. Consider the bacteria you are exposing yourself to by not using a toothbrush holder. You likely aren’t wiping down your bathroom counters every day. All that leftover bacteria can lead to a dirty toothbrush, which you then put back in your mouth! Not having a toothbrush holder also increases the chances of knocking your toothbrush off the counter. Once it hits the floor, it’s a goner.

If your family has multiple toothbrushes or if you have other utensils for cleaning your mouth, you’ll find a toothbrush holder helps to clear up your counter. This not only gives you more room, but it also looks much neater.

Handheld Showerhead

Anyone that has had a traditional showerhead and has transitioned to a handheld showerhead knows that there is no going back. Handheld showerheads have major advantages that you won’t get with your standard, stock head.

One thing that comes with most handheld showerheads is the ability to adjust the spray pattern. This is extremely useful when it comes to washing different areas of the body. As they are removable, handheld showerheads also make it easier to wash certain areas on the body that are harder to reach (like your privates).

No-Fog Mirror

Sometimes you just want to get everything done all at once. This means taking a shower, brushing your teeth, shaving…your entire morning routine. Sadly, this isn’t possible with most mirrors. After and during your shower, you’re going to have to deal with a foggy mirror. This is a pain if you like to shave in the shower or use your mirror for your facecare routine. That’s where a no-fog mirror comes in handy.

Back Scrubber

There is a major area of your body that you may be neglecting when you shower-your back. It’s actually kind of gross to think about how much of your back you are likely missing without using a back scrubber. With a back scrubber, you can add body wash and reach those difficult-to-reach areas. Back scrubbers are also great for exfoliating your skin. If you suffer from bacne, you definitely should invest in a good back scrubber.

Safety Razor

Many (if not most) people are in the habit of buying disposable razor after disposable razor. Actually, some people don’t even know that there is another option! If you haven’t heard of a safety razor or you haven’t considered using one, you are missing out!

Even a decent safety razor is extremely affordable and can last a lifetime! The difference between a safety razor and a disposable one, though, is that with a safety razor you buy the blades. This means you use the same razor but buy packs of blades. When you buy the blades in bulk, they can end up costing as low as 10 cents per blade! A pack of these blades can literally last months. A tiny upfront investment for a razor (often less than $50) can lead to a lifetime of high-quality, low-cost shaves.

Exfoliating Soap

Do you exfoliate? If not, you may want to start…

Exfoliation is the process of getting rid of dead skin cells from the epidermis (outer layer) of your skin. There are quite a few benefits to exfoliation. One is the deep clean it provides your pores. By using exfoliating soap, you’ll be able to unplug your pores and get a deeper clean. Another benefit is the youthful appearance it helps to create. Exfoliating soap can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and stimulate skin cell renewal. These are just a couple of major benefits of using exfoliating soap.

Waterproof Speaker

If you like to rock out in the shower and listen to your favorite tunes or you simply want to relax in the bath and listen to an audiobook, you’ll want to consider a waterproof speaker. Some people simply bring their phone in the shower or leave it close by. The problem with this is, over time, the steam can actually damage your phone-even if it’s waterproof. It’s better to keep your phone out of the bathroom when you are taking a shower to ensure its safety-especially if you have a smaller bathroom and/or poor ventilation.

Shower Organizer Rack

Are you the kind of person that uses every inch of space around their tub? If so, you probably should invest in a shower organizer rack. Some people avoid them because they are worried about installation, or them being cumbersome to deal with. In reality, they are cheap, generally easy to install, and very helpful. A lot of organizer wracks simply hang on the pipe for your shower head. No installation is required!

Looking for theThe Best


Hair Catcher

You probably have no clue how much hair actually goes down your sink. With that said, you may have to use drain cleaner often to clear it out. It may even get bad enough that you have to snake the drain or higher a plumber. That’s annoying, expensive, and completely unnecessary. Instead, you can spend less than $10 on a total game-changer-a hair catcher.

Corner Shelf

A corner shelf in your bathroom is simply another way to keep things organized and improve the overall appearance of your bathroom. Many people use corner shelves for extra towels, tissues, backup toilet paper, and other toiletries. If you don’t have a cabinet close by, a corner shelf can be super helpful and convenient. A corner shelf in your bathroom can also decrease the clutter on your counters and give your bathroom a better overall appearance.

Non-Skid Bathmat

If you don’t have a non-skid bathmat, you’re really putting yourself at risk. You may be used to your current bathmat and haven’t really considered replacing it. You also may find yourself slipping around every time you get out of the bath or the shower. This is extremely dangerous! Why even take the risk when you can spend a little money on a non-slip bathmat?

Consider the overall design and color scheme of your bathroom. Then look for a non-skid bathmat that fits the aesthetic of your bathroom and the level of comfort you are looking for. You’d be amazed how much you enjoy stepping out of the shower and not having to worry about busting your butt.

Toilet Brush

Cleaning the toilet isn’t the most fun thing to do, but it surely is necessary. For one, your toilet will end up looking gross really quickly if you don’t regularly clean it. You don’t want streaks and colors to form inside of your toilet bowl. This is not only gross for you to look at, but also for your guests.

Beyond the appearance, not having a clean toilet is unhygienic. You need to regularly clean your toilet bowl just like you clean the rest of your toilet and bathroom. Oftentimes you can get a toilet brush/plunger set for a low price. It’s worth it!


Calling a plumber every time your toilet gets backed up isn’t practical. You know this. That’s why you likely already have a plunger. What many people don’t consider, though, is the kind of plunger they are using. That’s right-there are different types of plungers.

A lot of people want to spend the least amount of money possible, so they get a standard plunger. These are the flatter ones with a rubber cup at the end. The problem is, these are generally supposed to be used for sinks and not toilets! If you use this on your toilet you are going to be putting in a lot more work for worse results.

Drain Cleaner

Many people don’t think about preemptively buying drain cleaner. It then becomes a hassle when a drain backs up. If it happens at night, you may have to wait until morning to pick up some drain cleaner from the store. Instead, buy some drain cleaner ahead of time so you can use it when needed.

Most people think of drain cleaner when it comes to major blockages, and it can be used to help with this. Beyond that, though, drain cleaner is also good for removing bad odors and increasing the overall lifespan of your drain. If you want to save money on repairs and take care of a simple blockage yourself, get some drain cleaner.

Daily Shower Cleaner Spray

If you wait until you clean your bathroom to clean your shower, you are going to end up dealing with a lot more grime, soap scum, and other buildup when you get around to cleaning it. This is especially so if you don’t clean your bathtub and/or shower every time you clean the bathroom. In order to keep your shower and/or tub clean in between washes, consider a daily shower cleaner spray.

Clothes Hamper

While a lot of people have a hamper somewhere in the house, having one in the bathroom is simply more convenient. You can take off your clothes, toss them in, and wash them later. It’s a really small adjustment, but every little thing helps!

More About Bidets

If you are looking at upgrading your bathroom, you are definitely going to want to get a bidet toilet seat. You’ve likely heard of them, but you may not fully understand the advantages. Actually, there are a lot of common misconceptions about bidet toilet seats.

One thing people are worried about with getting a bidet toilet seat is it taking up a lot of space in their bathroom. You may have a standalone bidet toilet seat in mind. Modern bidet toilet seats, though, can actually be installed on your current toilet. The process is quick and easy! You likely won’t even need the help of a plumber to install a new bidet toilet seat.

Some people think of bidet toilet seats as being a luxury item that only some people can afford. This isn’t true at all. While there are higher-end models of bidet toilet seats, there are actually bidet toilet seats for all price points. No matter what your income level is, you can enjoy the benefits of a bidet toilet seat. It’s also important to keep in mind how much toilet paper costs, and how much a bidet toilet seat will save you in the long run. Do some quick math on how much you spend on toilet paper every month. Then multiply that by 12 to see how much you spend in a year. Once you have done the math, look up the cost of a bidet toilet seat. You’ll find a bidet toilet seat will pay itself off in no time!

If you are worried about the cleanliness of a bidet toilet seat, you don’t have to be! Actually, they are a lot more efficient and are cleanlier than toilet paper. With toilet paper, you are generally smearing things around, and it takes a lot more work to get a real clean. With a bidet toilet seat, everything is washed away efficiently. You’ll be able to significantly cut down on your toilet paper costs. If you get a bidet toilet seat with a drying function, you may find yourself rarely using toilet paper at all.

When you are looking for your bidet toilet seat, you’ll need to check on which type of toilet seat you have to find a bidet toilet seat that fits your toilet. If you are getting a bidet toilet seat with a heating function, you will need access to an electrical outlet. With that said, you can install the bidet toilet seat using your cold water hookup. A bidet toilet seat with a heater will heat the water using the electrical plugin.

When it comes to getting a better clean, helping the environment, saving money on toilet paper, and other great advantages, you will definitely want to consider investing in a bidet toilet seat.

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